Announcement on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Epidemic Situation of Recent New Coronavirus Infection

The majority of teachers and students:

Recently, pneumonia epidemics of new coronavirus infection occurred in Wuhan and other regions in Hubei Province. According to the latest report from the National Health and Health Commission, the current epidemic situation is importing, community-based, and clustering, and the situation is grim. In order to effectively prevent, timely control and eliminate the danger of pneumonia outbreak of new coronavirus infection, and to protect the health and life of teachers and students, according to the spirit of relevant documents of the Ministry of Education and the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, the recent new coronavirus infection will be done well. The relevant work announcement of the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic is as follows:

First, take good care of yourself

We must fully understand the severity and complexity of the epidemic, attach great importance to the prevention and control of infectious diseases such as pneumonia caused by new coronavirus, and have no paralysis. Try to reduce activities to places with poor ventilation and crowded people, and try not to go to epidemic areas such as Wuhan. Wash your hands frequently and wear a mask properly to avoid contact with patients with fever and respiratory infections, strengthen exercise, work regularly, and maintain indoor air circulation. If you have respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, or shortness of breath, please take a mask as soon as possible to the hotspot clinics of the Weapons Industry May 21 Hospital, Tangdu Hospital, Provincial Infectious Disease Control Hospital and other designated hospitals, and inform the doctor if you have been there recently Wuhan and other places.

Actively cooperate with related work

According to the requirements of the relevant higher authorities, the school will carry out prevention and control work, and ask teachers and students to fully understand and support it. It is the Spring Festival in the near future. It is a time when relatives and friends visit, and the flow of personnel is relatively intensive. The teachers and students are requested to attach great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic. In the past 15 days, if you have experienced in and out of Wuhan or have been contacted by teachers and students after leaving the epidemic, those who have left from Wuhan, or have a history of close contact with the relevant patients, must report to the registration in time. Faculty (including external employees, temporary workers) and students report to the unit, community residents report to the community neighborhood committee; if there is such a situation for foreigners who come to school to visit relatives and friends, teachers and students of our school or community residents should report to the unit separately Community registration and filing; if other foreign personnel have such circumstances, they shall register with the security department for the record. If teachers and students understand that there are such situations that have not been registered for record, please report them to the school's total duty room (82334018) in a timely manner. If you have fever, dry cough and other related symptoms, you must report the situation to the school hospital (Headquarters Emergency Room: 82338120, Weishui Campus Emergency Room: 61105120), and go to the designated hospital in time; if you have no relevant symptoms, do it strictly according to the requirements Protect yourself, take the initiative to isolate and observe at home, and avoid going out. Foreigners and vehicles must be registered as required. The school will further increase the sanitation and improvement of the campus environment. The residents are requested not to litter at random, and maintain a clean, healthy, and civilized campus environment.

Third, follow the unified arrangements of the school

The school will pay close attention to the development and change of the pneumonia epidemic situation of new coronavirus infection, strengthen close contact with local health and health and level control departments, timely grasp information, obtain professional guidance, strengthen joint prevention and control, implement early detection, early reporting, Early treatment, coordinated with the health and other departments to treat patients intensively, fully treat patients, and effectively deal with the epidemic situation. Follow-up schools will strictly implement and implement epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with the requirements of higher-level governments and departments. Do a good job in all aspects of epidemic prevention and control. 

In case of emergency, please contact the department, school hospital or the school's general duty room in a timely manner. The total duty room's 24-hour telephone: 82334018.

Office of the Principal

January 24, 2020