School arranges deployment of new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work

Recently, pneumonia epidemics of new coronavirus infection occurred in Wuhan and other regions in Hubei Province. According to the latest report from the National Health and Health Commission, the current epidemic situation is importing, community-based, and clustering, and the situation is grim. In order to effectively prevent, timely control and eliminate the harm of pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, and to protect the health and life of teachers and students, according to the spirit of relevant documents of the Ministry of Education and the Education Department of Shaanxi Province, the school held a special meeting on January 23. Make arrangements for deployment and set up a prevention and control work leading group to issue the Notice on Effectively Preventing and Controlling the Pneumonia Epidemic Situation of New Coronavirus Infection, and to do a good job of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia in our school during the winter vacation and spring school. Specific arrangements and requirements for epidemic prevention and control work are proposed.

The notice requires that all colleges and functional departments attach great importance and vigilance, overcome difficulties, put responsibility on people and shoulder shoulders, and do their best to prevent and control.

The notification requires that efforts be made to implement prevention and control measures. First, strengthen prevention and control education. The Ministry of Education, Industry and Technology, the Institute of International Education, and the various colleges must clarify the situation of students (including foreign students) who have stayed in school during the winter vacation, conduct face-to-face prevention and education through visits and condolences, and do a good job of preventing and controlling the new coronavirus among students. Infectious diseases such as infected pneumonia. For students who leave school, especially students who travel abroad, they should cooperate with relevant departments to issue holiday life tips through Weibo, WeChat public account, parent group, student group, mobile phone text message and other online channels, carry out health education, and publicize to teachers, students and parents. Epidemic prevention knowledge and prevention and control requirements, guide teachers and students and parents to do prevention and control when they are at home or go out. Each college should arrange counselors to understand the physical condition of Hubei students, and greet and remind students. The affiliated school and logistics department shall effectively do a good job of health education for teachers and students of primary and secondary schools. The second is to be on duty during the holidays. All units in the school should strengthen the duty on duty, strengthen the sense of responsibility, pay close attention to the key links of pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of new coronavirus infection, and implement the various requirements for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in schools. The third is to properly adjust the examination arrangements. The admissions and employment department, graduate school and other departments should pay close attention to the development of the epidemic situation, and work out in advance 2020 special types of school examinations, postgraduate re-examinations, doctoral postgraduate admissions examinations and other work plans and examination arrangements. The fourth is to strengthen health monitoring. All units in the school should timely understand and grasp the vacation trends of teachers and students, and strengthen health monitoring. If they find that the staff and students are suspected to be infected with the new coronavirus, they should report to the office of the leading group in time. Fifth, strengthen departmental coordination. Schools and hospitals should pay close attention to the development and change of the pneumonia epidemic situation of new coronavirus infection, strengthen close ties with the health and disease control departments, timely grasp information, obtain professional guidance, strengthen joint prevention and control, implement early detection, early reporting, Early treatment, coordinated with the health and other departments to treat patients intensively, treat patients as effectively as possible, effectively handle the epidemic, and strictly implement non-proliferation measures.

The notice requires that preparations be made before the spring of 2020. The first is to improve the prevention and control of infectious diseases and emergency plans. The school office and the party office have strengthened their work organization and coordination, and the school hospital and related departments have cooperated closely to make scientific research and judgments on the spring school-related situation in advance, and formulate practical emergency plans. The second is to implement logistics and sanitation facilities. The logistics department should do a good job in the safety of the canteen and drinking water before the start of spring. Schools and hospitals must store sufficient protective equipment, disinfectants, thermometers, etc., and the toilets must be equipped with soap or liquid soap. The third is to strictly implement prevention and control measures. All departments and colleges should focus on prevention and control of infectious diseases such as pneumonia caused by new coronavirus, and strictly implement measures for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in schools. We must carry out propaganda and education on infectious diseases such as pneumonia caused by new-type coronavirus through various forms to help teachers and students raise awareness of prevention and scientific protection. The fourth is to carry out special actions for environmental sanitation. The logistics department and other departments should scientifically carry out environmental clean-up and rectification actions on campus during the holidays, promote the overall action of improving environmental sanitation in key areas and places such as classrooms, dormitories, canteens, sports venues, libraries, and toilets, and make every effort to create a clean and healthy learning and living environment .